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Refurbishing the Powerhouse

Joinedupdesignforschools, 2003

‘Joinedupdesignforschools’ is an initiative run by the Sorrell Foundation, connecting schools with design companies. We were introduced to Ramsgate School in Kent, and the client team was a group of girls, aged 13-15, known as ‘the sisters’. The brief, to look at their ‘Power House’ – a first floor room that gave refuge from the pressures of home and school life. We ran workshops with the girls to develop the brief and took them on a trip to London to help them form ideas. The design proposal offered them a flexible room capable of offering performance space, quiet space, group space. Seating was available in the form of different shaped upholstered blocks that could be assembled in any configuration they pleased. Doors were removed and recycled as tables containing sweets, and a large suspended cloud with holes allowed only the heads of the children into the interior, forming a unique and private meeting space.

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